We offer catering on preorder for up to 30 people in the cozy fireplace lounge, on the terrace, or outdoor catering on our summer kitchen square in the woods. For preparing our dishes we use mostly local raw materials according to the season, fresh garden and forest products, fish caught by local fishermen.

So that food can be a pleasure, we have combined the knowledge and skills of granny Tiiu and the skills from the coastal kitchen and the modern innovative techniques and attempts of hostess Mare. As a result, different menus have been prepared according to the season, so what is fresh and currently growing can reach the fork of the dinner table immediately.

Guests can enjoy a tasty nettle soup in the spring, enjoy the fresh salads and smoked fish in the summer, mushroom dishes and mouth melting oven baked apples with custard in the autumn. In the winter, we offer everything that we have put in cans and bottles in the summer, so that on the table we have our own pickles and tasty jam for breakfast porridge.

Imago OÜ