Boat trip to Uhtju island

Around Karepa there are few islands, but those that are there are located far enough away to not to be visited by merrymakers. The island is completely deserted and with a very beautiful, untouched nature.

Uhtju island consists of two separate parts North Ubhtju and Salasaar or South Uhtju.

North Uhtju is an island of about 10 hectares about 17 km north from Karepa. The island is mostly sandy and in the center covered with grass and low pines. The only building on the island is the North Uhtju wind tower. The island is densely populated by various species of birds, on the island are nesting mainly silver gulls and cormorants.

It is also an area of landscape protection for the protection of the habitat of gray and ringed seals.

Uhtju Islands are located in special management area, subject to certain restrictions:

• Human presence on the island is forbidden 15.04 to 15.07
• In case of organization of activities with more than 20 people, permit of the manager of the protected area must be obtained
• Camping and fires are allowed only with the consent of the manager of the protected area

A boat trip to the island takes about three-quarters of an hour and on the island we make a joint tour of nature and a nice picnic.

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